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    Our Blog — dogcostumes

    It’s a Dog’s Life !

    It’s a Dog’s Life !

    Animals living “in the wild” naturally have much higher activity levels.  After all, they have to find their own food.  Our pet dogs, however, may spend much of their day lazing about as they don’t have to hunt and catch their own food and they don’t have to escape predators.  But, of course, this was the life of the ancestors of our pet dogs and they still have those survival instincts and problem-solving ability which will come to the forefront in working dogs in particular. 

     Dogs living with us in our homes may get regular walks and play time but our busy modern lifestyles mean that we cannot always be there to provide mental stimulation.  Sometimes, this can lead to unwanted behaviors – such as chewing, barking or digging or even obsessive tail chasing or licking – simply due to boredom.

     You can help to keep your dog busy and happy and here’s some of our favorite ideas.


    • First, make sure they get plenty of walks (all that exercise is good for you too don’t forget) - a tired dog is a happy dog.
    • Hide their food to make them work for it.  Stuff food into toys, divide meals into separate spots around the house, or even scatter dry food out in the garden. You can also buy high-tech feeding devices that release just a little food at a time.
    • Of course, there are lots of interactive puzzle-type toys on the market too that will help your dog use all their problem-solving skills to get to that treat.
    • Give them something to really get their teeth into – instead of your furniture – check out the options at your local pet store – from natural ram horns or antlers to strong nylon toys.
    • Make sure they have the opportunity to be social with other dogs, ideally off-leash at the dog park.
    • Best of all, spend time with your dog.  Spend some quality time every day on teaching your dog a new trick, play tug-of-war or a simple game of fetch.  Why not check out local classes – Agility, Flyball and more.
    • Dogs are smarter than we think – the only limitation is your imagination!

    Time for some Fall fun and games …

    Time for some Fall fun and games …

    We’ve created a new annual tradition – the Fall Photoshoot – it was so much fun and we hope you like the pictures.  Everyone joined in.  Mom went to the farm to get some pumpkins and Grandpa came over for a visit and brought a scarecrow – we weren’t scared at all, we barked at it very loud and it kept very quiet.  Dad was on hand to supervise … they call that being “the responsible adult”!

    Then we helped to gather up the leaves wearing our cosy new scarves but maybe we weren’t much help – what fun when we chased each other through the fallen leaves, they’re all crispy and crunchy and they go everywhere up in the air if we run fast enough!  We were very tired after all that and after a tasty treat, or two, from Aunt Harriette we curled up in our baskets and Buddy fell asleep straight away.

    Smile Buddy, smile Lola

    Hey this Fall photoshoot is fun!

    Buddy asleep



    Hey, just look what’s arrived in the house – a cowboy hat with braids for Lola and a Mexican hat for me!  Then we noticed the big red ring on the calendar for Halloween in a couple of days and we love going out with the kids for Trick or Treat so we don’t mind dressing up too if our fur parents are going to get out the fancy dress outfits and take us along for an exciting trip in the dark.  Remember though, no human candy Treats allowed for us as they can upset our tummies but we can always help out with the Tricks!

    Why not share some photos with us of your four-legged friends in their best fancy dress outfits?