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    Our Blog — health

    We always knew it, but now science has proved it...

    We always knew it, but now science has proved it...

    We’ve just discovered some fascinating science from The University of Missouri where they’ve carried out what was surely the most fun study ever comparing dog owners and non-dog owners and we’re not surprised to hear they found owning a dog can help us live longer.  Of course, here at Buddy & Lola we already knew that our canine BFFs have super powers that are beyond our understanding but research recently printed in the New Zealand Herald showed that people over the age of 60, tend to live longer with a doggy companion.


    Here comes the technical bit - the study used data on human-animal interactions, physical activity, frequency of doctor visits and health outcomes of the participants and found that people with higher degrees of pet bonding were more likely to take their dogs for a healthy walk, an activity which also meant they tended to be more social. 

    So that daily exercise and companionship with your dog can mean better overall health and less visits to the Doctor.  Those lovely long walks with your pooch not only help lower body mass index (important for both you and the dog!) but don’t forget that the unconditional love you have for your pet which gets you out and about more often to help keep them fit also means making you feel better both physically and mentally. We all know doggy owners love to get together and see their pets having fun too and this research proves this social interaction with other people helps extend our lives in the best possible way.

    Rebecca Johnson, a professor at the University's College of Veterinary Medicine who took part in the research, said: "These results can provide the basis for medical professionals to recommend pet ownership for older adults and can be translated into reduced health care expenditures for the aging population."  Retirement communities could adopt pet-friendly policies, such as establishing dog walking trails and dog exercise areas, in order to improve their residents' health, she said.

    At Buddy & Lola we say – just get out there and enjoy being with your dog whenever you can – you know it’s good for you!