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    Help your doggy pal enjoy the summer too …

    Help your doggy pal enjoy the summer too …

    Summer’s here and we all love to get out and enjoy the sunshine, including our doggy friends too.  BUT remember that dogs can die from heatstroke.  Veterinarian, Shea Cox. a member of the ER staff at PETS Referral Center in Berkeley, California  says “Sunny and 70 can mean sunny and deadly.  Dogs depend on rapid breathing (panting) to keep cool, exchanging their warm body air for cooler environmental air but if the air temperature is close to body temperature, this process is no longer efficient and dogs can succumb to heatstroke in a relatively short time”.  Heatstroke can occur if dogs are left in cars, even “with the window cracked”, if left outside without shade, if over-exercised in hot or humid weather. Other factors include obesity and certain breeds such as Pekingese, Pug, Lhasa Apso, Boston Terrier or Bulldog with short faces interfering with their ability to pant.

    A dog’s normal body temperature is 101.5 degree +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit.  A temperature higher than 105 is a life-threatening emergency.  If your dog appears distressed and restless, pants excessively, drools from the nose and/or mouth and becomes unsteady on his feet with gums turning blue or bright red he must be seen by your veterinarian immediately. Meanwhile, move him to a cooler place and direct a fan on him, start to cool the body with cool wet towels on the back of the neck, and the armpit and groin regions.  Plus wet the earflaps and paws with cool water.  Don’t use cold water or ice, don’t attempt to force water into your pet’s mouth.

    We want everybody to enjoy the summer so here’s some ideas on how to make sure your Backyard is the perfect place for all the family to enjoy.

    Whether you have just one or a whole pack of dogs it’s great to see them happily romping in the backyard and if you take some time to make sure your yard is pet-friendly too then you can all make the best of the summer.  Before you do anything else, check that the yard is secure to keep your dog happy and safe whether you’re enclosing the whole yard or you’ve just got a dog run.  Check too that there are no dangerous plants or landscaping.  Did you know that azaleas, lilies and mums can be dangerous if your dog eats them.  Check with your veterinarian or the ASPCA for list of plants that could irritate or even kill your pet.  You might not even think about chemicals but many of us might not realise that cocoa mulch, though it looks great can cause the same bad reactions as chocolate so think about your landscaping materials.  Lawns are popular but your dog may destroy it if he’s a “digger”.  If you go for artificial turf, watch it doesn’t get too hot for tender paws!  Concrete, brick, flagstone, and smooth rocks or pebbles are all good choices.

    What else does your dog need?

    Number one is … water.  In hot weather we all need a cool, refreshing drink and that goes for our dogs too.  How about adding a water feature that your dog can use too – a splash fountain maybe or even a small pond or pool if you have a water-loving dog.  But make sure it’s safe with shallow steps or sloping sides so that dogs can easily get out if they fall in by accident.

    Number two is … shade and shelter.  Did you know that just like us, dogs can get sunburned and even suffer from heatstroke so they need to be able to get out of the sun too.  If you’re lucky you may have a large tree providing a shady area over your yard.  If not, how about a Shade Sail or overhead tarp covering part of the yard.  Even better, add a doghouse too.  They’ve come a long way from those plastic boxes and now there’s a huge range available at your local pet store or online.

    Number three … the sky’s the limit!  A tired dog is a good dog but a bored or unexercised dog will surely look for trouble.  Provide as large a space as possible for your dog to run and chase.  Paths are great as dogs love to prowl and explore.  You could even create his own fun play area – get ideas from dog play courses and use plants and hardscaping to create obstacles and weave around.  Add some balance beams to walk on or tunnels to roam through which could be your pet’s snoozing spot – even dogs need to get away from it all sometimes

    We always knew it, but now science has proved it...

    We always knew it, but now science has proved it...

    We’ve just discovered some fascinating science from The University of Missouri where they’ve carried out what was surely the most fun study ever comparing dog owners and non-dog owners and we’re not surprised to hear they found owning a dog can help us live longer.  Of course, here at Buddy & Lola we already knew that our canine BFFs have super powers that are beyond our understanding but research recently printed in the New Zealand Herald showed that people over the age of 60, tend to live longer with a doggy companion.


    Here comes the technical bit - the study used data on human-animal interactions, physical activity, frequency of doctor visits and health outcomes of the participants and found that people with higher degrees of pet bonding were more likely to take their dogs for a healthy walk, an activity which also meant they tended to be more social. 

    So that daily exercise and companionship with your dog can mean better overall health and less visits to the Doctor.  Those lovely long walks with your pooch not only help lower body mass index (important for both you and the dog!) but don’t forget that the unconditional love you have for your pet which gets you out and about more often to help keep them fit also means making you feel better both physically and mentally. We all know doggy owners love to get together and see their pets having fun too and this research proves this social interaction with other people helps extend our lives in the best possible way.

    Rebecca Johnson, a professor at the University's College of Veterinary Medicine who took part in the research, said: "These results can provide the basis for medical professionals to recommend pet ownership for older adults and can be translated into reduced health care expenditures for the aging population."  Retirement communities could adopt pet-friendly policies, such as establishing dog walking trails and dog exercise areas, in order to improve their residents' health, she said.

    At Buddy & Lola we say – just get out there and enjoy being with your dog whenever you can – you know it’s good for you!

    Do you & your dog look alike?

    Do you & your dog look alike?

    Barking mad owners have proved they really do look like their pets — by performing impressions of their own dogs. In a series of hilarious “paw”-traits, owners pull their best faces to look like their pooches.  Snapped by photographer Ines Opifanti, people stuck their tongues out, yawned and tilted their heads in curiosity at the camera. Opifanti, from Hamburg, Germany, came up with the idea while interacting with her own dogs, two pug/French bulldog crossbreeds.

    The phenomenon has been documented - Researchers around the world have repeatedly found that strangers can match photos of dogs with photos of their owners at a rate well above chance.  Perhaps people are drawn to animals that look like them. In a study of female college students, those with longer hair judged flop-eared dogs—spaniels, beagles—to be more attractive, friendly, and intelligent than dogs with pointy ears; women with shorter hair concluded the opposite. And the apparent affinity between owners and pets is more than fur-deep: One analysis found self-described “dog people” to be less neurotic than “cat people,” who were more curious! 

    Take a look tonight, do you and your dog look alike?buddy and lola

    Love them like family, treat them like family...

    Love them like family, treat them like family...

    We founded Buddy & Lola as we have a serious passion for helping dogs after becoming disheartened with the lack of high quality natural dog products available for our own dogs. 

    We make the process of finding healthy natural treats and all that good stuff easy to find and deliver it straight to your doorstep.

    Buddy & Lola was founded in England but is Headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We offer premium dog products to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing.  Our supply chain covers the whole of the country and can ship the best, highest quality products, FAST! And our amazing team of dog-lovers in customer service are here to help should you have any questions. Bottom line is, we're here to make dogs and their owners very very happy.

    You’re the best at making your pet happy and we work tirelessly to help them stay healthy with our range of premium dog products. From our high safety standards to our guaranteed health benefits, we’re so much more than natural.  Our quality products, high standards, proven doggy experience and our dog-loving people make all the difference.

    We use as much organic produce as we can, and we never use GMO produce. We know that choosing a pet product can be overwhelming with so many products and brands to choose from plus there are so many opinions (not to mention quite a bit of misinformation).

    What sets us apart is the fact that we put our heart and soul into bringing you products with the finest quality ingredients, uncompromising standards, and a really common-sense approach to all of our products.

    We think we've got the perfect balance of safety, convenience, quality and tastiness – and ultimately, a finished product that actually speaks for itself.