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    our story

    In 2008 we got married and we felt that a dog would complete our little family so we re-homed Rusty from our local dog shelter.Rusty was the loveable big brother and the leader of the pack. He was a big bruiser – a Doberman/Labrador cross – he loved sleeping on his favourite couch and dreaming of great big bones. He was seven when we gave him his forever home - we had no idea of his past. It took him a long while to settle in but with time, nurturing and lots of love and care he blossomed into one of the happiest dogs we’d ever met. He certainly made us very happy. As an older dog with an unknown past we wanted to find ways to extend and improve the quality of his life but we simply didn’t know how; what advice to take and who to listen to.Rusty lived a long and fulfilled life with us for the next seven years and it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to him in 2015. Over this time we went on to re-home two more dogs which gave us even more reasons to look for ways to keep our pets with us as long as possible. Most dogs, depending on size, can live ten to fifteen years if they are in good shape mentally and physically. The sad fact of pet parenthood is that people outlive pets, and there are no miracle products that will extend our pet’s lives far beyond the natural lifespan of their breed. But with conscientious care, enrichment, and regular veterinary attention, we can give them a few extra years.Our time with Rusty was very precious; we tried to maintain healthy habits, keeping active in body and mind. His body slowly started to crumble under the effects of old age and he developed several medical conditions including lymphoma. We felt powerless. We savoured every minute with him. It’s what got us out of bed in the morning and this experience drove us to create Buddy & Lola in 2016.Created in England, we offer premium dog products to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing.